Why create GG Bingo ?

GoldenGame Bingo is first and foremost a family business of bingo enthusiasts, before it became a medium for fans of our favorite game.

We (Larry and Megan) met at a bingo party and since then the game has guided our lives at least to the point of building this site, this media.

When we’re not taking care of our 3 amazing kids, we write for the site and travel the country when we’re not playing online.

Now the team is 15 people strong, building partnerships around the country (US) and in Europe.

We keep up to date with all the latest news about bingo, which is mostly played online, in order to offer the best possible experience to other fans like us.

Sally and Larry Forwood

Larry and Megan, founders at GG-Bingo

Larry and Megan at Bingo Party, Arizona